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Over the x3 day Workshop Francois will teach the beautifully unique ‘Baskodenn’, a traditional sardine measure. This basket is a treat for the fingertips to make & packed full of techniques & skills. We can’t wait to welcome the him to Tear Up.


Francois has been an Artisan basket maker since 2001, making his baskets and growing willow in Lacropte in The Dordogne.


He is a member of the Basketmakers’ Association,  the French Professional Basketmakers’ Union and the German network Verein Flechtwerk.


He made his first attempt at basketry by chance on December 31, 1999 using branches picked up on the ground after the passage of the Lothar and Martin storms which devastated a large part of France at the end of December 1999.

Francois Desplanches - Basketry & Weaving Expert

He then started an intensive process of self-training, completed by a five-day internship at the Villaines les Rochers cooperative at the start of 2001.


He is considered by many as the G.O.A.T. His work is a source of inspiration and a joy for all of us.

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