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We’re so chuffed to welcome this other worldly basketmaker back to Tear Up Festival. Peter will be teaching the ‘Yarmouth Herring Swill’ which is on the heritage crafts critically endangered list. Peter is one of or possibly the last weaver making these.

“The Yarmouth Herring Swill was a basket distinct to the fishing port of Great Yarmouth, used to carry the Herring catch up the narrow Yarmouth Rows by two people. It's a frame basket roughly in a figure of 8 shape made from hazel & willow with three handles, skis and twisted ties - packed with lots of techniques to learn”

Peter has been making baskets for over 25 years having originally been inspired by his father-in-law Will Berry, a well respected Suffolk basketmaker.

Peter Dibble - Basketry & Weaving Expert

His basketry style has developed over that time from a wide variety of influences. He always feels there’s more to learn. Teaching has been a sporadic thing across his career but certainly relishes the opportunity to pass on knowledge as it has been passed on to him.

Peter is a willow grower & master of our craft, creating aspirational work.

Learn more about Peter Dibble

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